The Aftermath of Hurricane Laura

With locations from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Corpus Christi, Texas, Sprint Waste Services is no stranger to the dangers and business disruptions that Gulf Coast hurricanes can bring. Last week was no exception. When Category 4 Hurricane Laura and its 150-mph winds slammed ashore near the Texas–Louisiana border early Thursday, Sprint Waste’s Lake Charles branch in Sulphur, its local employees and Lake Charles-area customers were right in the bullseye.  

Sprint Waste Services President Dave Nelson confirmed no Sprint Waste employees were injured in the storm, but none was spared from the storm’s impact either, and several face incredible property losses. Homes, cars and buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged throughout the area. There is no power (perhaps for weeks), limited water and other utilities, and downed trees are making it difficult to impossible to travel throughout the area. 

“Most importantly, we’re grateful no Sprint Waste employees were injured in the storm,” Nelson said. “But no one in our Lake Charles location was spared from the impact of the catastrophic winds and the devastation left behind. Our efforts right now are focused on helping these families in any way possible. They will need manpower, supplies and help with cleanup in the days ahead.” 

Nelson said the cleanup and recovery will be long and challenging, but his teams are doing whatever they can to help employees and customers return to some semblance of normalcy. “As we’ve seen throughout Sprint Waste’s history, whenever there is a crisis, Sprint employees jump in to help,” he said. “On the day after the hurricane, key members of our management and operations teams from Houston and Baton Rouge rushed to Lake Charles carrying supplies such as generators, light towers, fuel tanks, fuel, tarps, water, chain saws, tires and much more—determined to help in any way possible.”

Once the storm allowed, Sprint Waste’s Port Arthur location also sent trucks in to help with tremendous customer demands in Laura’s aftermath. Cleanup services and equipment were sent in from across the Gulf Coast region, and thanks to preparation in advance of the storm, our locations were well equipped and standing by to help wherever possible.

“This is a huge team effort—and this will go on for a while,” Nelson said. “Our Houston-area locations are assisting Louisiana branches to see what additional resources and help are needed most. Many people are suffering after this storm, but we are steadfast in our commitment to help our Lake Charles employees and families as well as affected customers and businesses as they clean up and recover from this disaster.”