Aggressive, Empowered and Growing

We are pleased to announce another exciting honor at Sprint Waste Services. In a nod to our company’s growth, our leadership team and an incredible eight years in business, Smart Business Magazine chose Sprint Waste Services for the April cover.

Smart Business Magazine is a national chain of business management publications that offers insight, advice and strategy to executives, focusing on how and why smart leaders get the job done. The award-winning business publisher of 14 regional publications has featured more than 27,000 of the nation’s top CEOs, including Ted Turner, Mark Cuban, T. Boone Pickens, George Zimmer and Drayton McLane.

Executive editor and Houston market manager Adam Burroughs interviewed Sprint Waste Services President Will Swinbank for the article, honing in on his ability to empower employees to make decisions and jump at opportunities as he’s led the organization through tremendous growth.

Allowing his team to “sink or swim” fosters a personal investment in the company’s success. Explains Will: “ … we want people in the field making decisions and thinking and seeing opportunities and having the power to act on them without having to make 10 phone calls and fill out the forms.”

So, at the end of the day, it’s really the people in the field feeling bought in to the team and thinking like they’re the owners of the company and looking out for opportunities that we can all benefit from,” he says.

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