Does Your Industrial Lagoon Need Attention?

Does your industrial lagoon or wastewater pond need cleaning, dredging or dewatering? If so, you’re not alone. Whether you operate a large refinery or petrochemical facility or a smaller industrial or manufacturing plant, determining how best to store and handle liquid waste streams remains an often-neglected area within many facilities. But the benefits of keeping ponds and lagoons clean and working efficiently are significant, both from an operational and regulatory standpoint. Sludge and solids build up over time, reducing the storage and treatment capacity of your lagoon, which can drag down operations and increase the risk of environmental issues in the event liners leak or other safety issues occur. Even when businesses know the risks, this crucial maintenance task can be left untended due to manpower and budgetary constraints. 

We can provide economical solutions to your team designed to keep holding ponds and lagoons clean and operating safely at peak efficiency. We offer a variety of mobile dewatering and sludge removal solutions with our state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned staff. Whether it’s a one-time cleanout, managing daily waste production or rethinking how your facility handles wastewater residuals altogether, our team can help.


Cleanouts Can Produce Surprising Benefits

As the Gulf Coast’s premier provider of waste services to commercial and industrial facilities, Sprint’s wastewater residuals unit is a natural fit with our basket of industrial services. This segment has grown significantly as a result of the  heightened demand among petrochemical and chemical facilities and other large manufacturers in the region.

Over time, industrial lagoons and holding ponds build up solids and sludge that reduce operational effectiveness and expose facilities to more costly environmental and mechanical problems.  Often, rethinking the entire process can produce more cost-effective ways to manage this material.

Sprint Waste Services General Manager Jonathan Hill, who leads our residuals group and team of experts in dewatering and residuals management, says operators large and small can benefit from taking a fresh look at this important part of the operation. “Paying closer attention to wastewater residuals within an industrial plant can produce surprising benefits for many facilities, with a relatively low cost,” says Hill. “Sites can save significant expenses by transporting higher solids content, reducing the number of loads required as well as the amount of disposed waste. We’ve surprised several customers with new and safer ways of handling waste streams.”

Our sludge removal and dewatering capabilities consistently meet the demanding standards of a variety of industrial customers, from small refining or chemical plants to the Gulf Coast’s largest energy complexes. Why choose us to do your dirty work?

Unparalleled experience in the industrial arena. We’ve put our long experience in waste services to work for the largest energy providers and industrial manufacturers along the Gulf Coast, and we hang our hat on providing safe, reliable services that ultimately improve efficiencies and reduce costs for our customers. We know our way around an industrial site, and, since we’re an approved vendor at many upstream and downstream facilities, chances are we’re already approved to work at your location.

A solution for every problem. When it comes to processing, transporting and disposing of industrial and commercial waste, our team gets the job done right, with as little disruption as possible to your daily operation. Whether your goal is to run more efficiently, increase lagoon capacity, return valuable solids back into your operation, reduce waste or mitigate environmental risk, we can help analyze all factors involved and propose a custom solution that optimizes your operation while saving time and money.

Safety is our highest priority on every job. Safety is more than just a buzz word at our company; it’s a core value and foundational to how we do business—each and every day. From our owners and managers to each driver, mechanic and worker on our team, every Sprint Waste employee has the power and the responsibility to correct safety hazards, even if a work stoppage is necessary. Our goal is always zero incidents—at customer sites, on our own property, and everywhere we travel in between. But don’t just take our word for it. We couldn’t be more proud that our performance at the largest petrochemical plant in the United States has been honored with numerous best-in-class awards for safety excellence.

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