Look Who Is Staying at our House!

We have houseguests at the Sprint Waste Services headquarters, and they’re some of Texas’s finest. With law enforcement and other emergency workers from around Texas and across the country pouring into the greater Houston area in the wake of Harvey, we are honored to be able to provide a temporary home to this impressive group of first responders.

Approximately 20 members of the Texas Department of Public Safety are using our headquarters in Sugar Land this week as a staging area for their work across the area. We are thrilled to provide a place for these men and women to sleep as well as morning and evening meals to fuel the long days of work ahead.

Kudos to our team members at headquarters—many of whom are dealing with storm-related challenges themselves—who are helping to welcome these men and women and make their stay at Sprint Waste as comfortable as possible.

“When this opportunity arose to help we were honored to open our doors to these state troopers,” said Will Swinbank, partner at Sprint Waste Services. “These incredible first responders from across Texas have left their own homes and families to help with rescue and recovery efforts in and around our area. We cannot thank them enough for their sacrifice and service. They are heroes to us and to the people in the flood-ravaged neighborhoods they are helping.”

While there is virtually no part of Houston that has been spared Harvey’s wrath, the areas in and around Fort Bend County have been particularly hard hit as flood control officials made the difficult decisions to release water from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs to mitigate further breaches and alleviate flooding across Houston. And as the Brazos River and other streams and tributaries flowing through our area reach record flood levels, these state troopers will be needed for many days to come.

Sprint Waste Services operates branches and locations across the affected area, from Corpus Christi to New Orleans. As the disaster unfolds and recovery begins, we are assessing the situation and mobilizing to provide service to customers and the public. Please check back here and on our social media sites for updates and further information.