Marion Named Winner of Inaugural Above and Beyond Award

Congratulations to John Marion for being recognized with the first Dave Dillard “Above and Beyond” Award for going the extra mile in his job performance and in representing Sprint Waste in the community. 

The Above and Beyond Award was established last year to honor long-time Sprint Waste employee Dave Dillard upon his retirement, according to Sprint Waste President Dave Nelson. “Dillard’s rare combination of dignity, enthusiasm and passion was something to encourage and celebrate, so the award was conceived to honor Dave and his high bar for excellence and service to others,” he said. 

“Dave lives by values we call ‘Sprintisms,’ and is known for operating with integrity and passion,” Nelson explained. “We wanted to encourage those ideals by recognizing a winner each year for going ‘above and beyond’ what is expected in the normal range of job responsibilities, as well as representing Sprint Waste in an outstanding manner in the community. Congratulations to John for being the first winner!”

Sprintisms are values established and lived out by Sprint Waste’s founder and co-owner Joe Swinbank and include such ideals as leadership starts at the top, all people can do more than they think, be passionate and live out your goals, and never forget the power of praise.

Marion has worked for Sprint Waste and legacy companies for 27 years and counting, leading Sprint Waste’s in-plant services team at ExxonMobil Baytown, now one of Sprint’s largest locations. Along the way he has been instrumental in building and advancing the company’s robust safety culture, working with ExxonMobil to secure three Sprint Waste wins at the prestigious Houston Safety Excellence Awards, given annually in conjunction with the Houston Business Roundtable and the Houston Area Safety Council. In addition to Marion’s many responsibilities at work and with family, he also finds time for a week of mission work each summer with U.M. ARMY (United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth), helping people in need with home repair and small construction projects.

Marion was named at the company’s holiday party in December. Four finalists were also recognized for going above and beyond: Fermin Meras, Saint Bourgeois, Daniel Arevalo and Gigi Lifsey. 

“All five of these finalists embody the integrity and commitment to excellence that we highly value across the Sprint organization,” Nelson said. “They are all to be commended for their exceptionally high levels of leadership and service. They are key difference-makers here at Sprint, to the customers they serve, and to the community. We’re honored to have these people among our Sprint family.”

Marion said he was humbled to be the first winner of an award named after a man so respected within the Sprint companies and among the industries we service. “What an amazing honor to be the first recipient of the Dave Dillard award,” John said. “It’s a privilege to work for Sprint and to be named with these finalists. I’m grateful for every opportunity to keep contributing to Sprint Waste, to ExxonMobil and to the community.”

Candidates across all the Sprint Waste companies (including Sprint Environmental Services, Sprint Transport, Triple-S Compost and both Sprint landfills) are eligible to be nominated by other employees, who submit an essay in support of the nominee. Finalists and the next winner will be announced in December.

Pictured from left: Dave Nelson, Sprint Waste president; Dave Dillard, winner John Marion.