More About the TCX Sequestration Projects

A $100,000 donation from Sprint Waste Services to the Texas Coastal Exchange (TCX) will enable carbon sequestration projects for both coastal Texas lands and urban areas within Houston. Project details were announced last week to enable important sustainability efforts as part of a partnership with the Texas Coastal Exchange. The gift will preserve forests on a Wharton County ranch outside of Houston as well as provide for tree planting within Houston where urban heat and lack of green spaces challenge communities.

“We at Sprint Waste are so excited to be a part of this unique and creative approach to addressing climate change and carbon reduction along the Gulf Coast,” said Will Swinbank, Sprint Waste Services partner and co-owner. “Making a meaningful impact means matching creative thinking and the resources to get things done, and we can’t wait to see what can be accomplished to preserve our vital natural resources if more landowners and companies learn more about these TCX carbon-sequestration projects.”

Pierce Ranch in Wharton County

The rural portion of the Sprint Waste project will occur on the Pierce Ranch in Wharton County on the Colorado River, a diversified, 32,000-acre, working agribusiness that includes farming and ranching, hunting and waterfowl adventures, and rentals and hospitality. The legacy of historic figure Shanghai Pierce, who assembled lands extending from Matagorda Bay up the Colorado River to near Wharton, the ranch area to be preserved comprises oak, pecan, hickory, elm, green ash and various understory vegetation. At a calculated rate of sequestration using TCX’s own computer modeling, the Sprint Waste project will preserve an estimated 2,500 to 5,000 acres. As part of this project, the Pierce Ranch will agree to leave these hardwoods in place for a minimum of 10 years. 

Laurance Armour, general manager of the Pierce Ranch, said while the ranch has been working on environmental stewardship issues for years, it is difficult to generate enough cash flow from stewardship alone. That’s where TCX and companies like Sprint Waste Services come in, helping to bridge the gap by addressing factors common to all parties involved.

“We have been monitoring TCX from its inception with the hope that we could put a project together that combined protection of our historic legacy, ecological stewardship and carbon sequestration,” Armour said. “I am excited that we are getting started down this road that could represent a turning point for Texas landowners committed to stewardship and maintaining working ranches.” 

Urban Reforestation 

The Sprint Waste project devoted to urban reforestation — still under development with a local environmental group — will use tree planting for carbon sequestration purposes to achieve social goals such as pathway shading and urban heat island reduction in areas lacking tree cover. In essence, according to the TCX, the urban portion of the Sprint Waste donation will combine carbon dioxide removal and storage with addressing social equity issues. Details of the urban portion are expected to be finalized in the next few months. 

The Texas Coastal Exchange was formed in 2018 to provide economic support to landowners for ecological services their lands provide, such as removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. According to TCX, nature created an excellent carbon capture and storage technology in photosynthesis, but we are not using this technology wisely to address our climate problem. The intent of the TCX grant program is to send economic signals rewarding the landowners where this photosynthesis is currently occurring for maintaining and protecting this carbon storage that occurs year after year. 

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