Mountain Building by the Truckload

The following is an excerpt from a recently printed article about Sprint Waste's Fort Bend County Landfill. The article was recently featured in three local newsletters, for communities that surround or are located nearby the landfill. If you are a local resident of Fort Bend County or just interested in Sprint Waste, the article is provided here for your convenience. Please take a look!

Do you know where the highest point of land is in Fort Bend County?

It’s that levee-like mound of dirt and grass just west of Old Richmond Road between West Airport and West Bellfort, behind the sand and gravel operation. From the top of it, you get a good look at the Imperial Sugar smokestacks in Sugar Land, the Pecan Grove development, as well as a nice view of the Galleria and downtown Houston skylines. The current height is only about 60 feet, but it is destined to be about 40 feet higher within the next few years...

If you want to read more, see the attached newsletter (article about Sprint Waste starts on page 4).