Ramping up the Fleet in Louisiana

We’re pleased to announce the state of Louisiana has granted Sprint Waste Services unlimited statewide authority, allowing us to increase our fleet and expand our operations across the Pelican State.

The full-permit designation is important because it allows us to offer full-service capabilities to commercial and industrial customers across the region with no limitation on fleet size or asset deployment. Louisiana is one of two states whose waste providers are still regulated by the Public Utility Commission, often resulting in a complex and lengthy process to do business and compete fairly across the state. Prior to this ruling, Sprint Waste was limited to a five-truck maximum.

 With the expanded authority, we’re better able to serve customers and meet service needs across the region, especially for natural gas and petrochemical producers where demand is particularly high, according to Ray Mills, Sprint Waste’s operations manager in St. Gabriel. “Because of this ruling, we were recently able to help a customer deal with an emergency that required urgent cleanup and disposal,” Mills said. “Our ability to immediately deploy the needed trucks and assets to help this facility allowed the customer to mitigate further damage and resume operations safely and quickly after the incident.”

 Sprint Waste opened its first branch office near New Orleans in St. Gabriel in 2012, expanding to a second location in Sulphur in April 2017 to serve the greater Lake Charles area.

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