Safety Comes First for our Fleet

At Sprint Waste Services, safety isn’t just a word we toss around; it’s a culture we build around. These words appear on our website and in our materials because at the core of our ability to serve customers is our belief that safety in everything we do is simply good business.

Of course safety is essential for any company that relies on a large truck fleet to carry out the company’s business. But when it comes to our fleet—now more than 300 strong—Sprint Waste goes the extra mile by investing heavily to keep our fleet young and take advantage of the latest safety advancements.

Today’s commercial trucks are equipped with advanced technologies to assist drivers in ways that were never before possible, offering advanced radar, camera and brake systems that work together to help drivers not only sense but avoid collisions.

“These advanced driver-assistance technologies play an essential role in our safety program here at Sprint Waste Services and at our bulk liquid transport subsidiary Sprint Transport,” explains Sprint Waste Vice President of Operations Simon Cordova. “We work closely with partners like Kenworth, Precision Trucks and Bendix to ensure our commercial vehicles are some of the safest on the road today.”

Of course, Cordova said, the Sprint companies start by hiring only skilled and experienced commercial drivers, and have in place rigorous driver training and vehicle maintenance systems to keep our fleet and our team working at peak performance. “These new safety advancements and collision mitigation systems make a good driver better, allowing us to provide an extra measure of safety and security for our drivers and the communities where we operate,” he added.

One system we’ve invested in is the Bendix Wingman Fusion, a comprehensive driver assistance program that integrates data through radar, video and the vehicles braking system to mitigate collisions and lessen their severity. Unlike previous radar-only systems, Wingman Fusion offers braking on stationary vehicles, lane departure warnings, and speed alerts and corrective action.

See the Difference

A new video from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems takes viewers inside the cab of a truck equipped with the company’s integrated collision mitigation system to show how the system assists and benefits drivers. In addition to covering Fusion’s capabilities, components, alerts and interventions, the video provides perspective on the development of the proven technologies behind the system, and explores the differences in the industry’s range of collision mitigation offerings.

View the video here:

The T880 pictured below boasts some of the industry’s best safety features and technology. Learn more about the T880’s safety features here.