Sprint Acquires BEARS Recycling in Freeport Area

Sprint recently entered into an agreement with BEARS and has merged operations associated with its waste disposal and recycling services effective January 1, 2015.

Sprint is a family-owned, local business that has a long history of providing a full range of waste disposal and transportation services in the Houston area and looks forward to working with BEARS customers. In an effort to make the transition from BEARS to Sprint as easy as possible for our customers, there will be no immediate changes to the people you deal with and the way you order/request services to be performed. Over time, Sprint will work to enhance and expand the services we offer to your organization and will meet with you to discuss how we can better serve your organization. 

If you want to read more, see the attached document explaining other key details of the acquisition. We look forward to continuing our relationship and encourage our customers to contact us with any questions or concerns.