Sprint Companies Donate Golf Cart to Freeport PD

Sprint Waste Services and Sprint Transport donated a golf cart to the Freeport Police Department December 13 for use with safety initiatives and community outreach.

Freeport Chief of Police Dan Pennington said his department planned to use the golf cart for activities such as the upcoming Officer Santa event and a unique program that raises awareness among high school students about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

The golf cart will allow students to experience the simulated effects of intoxicated driving. Pennington explained: Participating students, accompanied by an officer, will drive the golf cart and navigate a course lined with traffic cones set up in a nearby parking lot. After an initial practice run, students will put on goggles that simulate increasing levels of intoxication. As they negotiate the course each time, they will get to see how quickly their driving ability is degraded by increasing levels of intoxication.

“Crashes are this nation's number one killer of teens,” Pennington said. “We are trying to change this fact. Thank you Sprint Waste Services for your help in this effort!”

“We’re happy to provide this golf cart and work with our local law enforcement officers and first responders to help make our communities safer and better places to live and work,” said Josh Noworatzky, president of Sprint Transport. “Thank you to the Freeport Police Department and all the first responders who participate in these outreach programs, many volunteering their own time to help protect and keep us safe.”

Located 50 miles south of Houston along the Gulf of Mexico in Brazoria County, Freeport is a town of approximately 14,000. Both Sprint Waste Services and Sprint Waste Transport serve customers from a Freeport location and other offices along the Gulf Coast.