Sprint Waste Named Among 2020 Top Fleets

Sprint Waste Services is thrilled to announce the company has been honored with a 2020 Top Fleet Award for Safest Fleet by Samsara, a leading provider of industrial Internet of things solutions. The annual awards recognize customers who use Samsara’s dash-cam technology to improve safety within its workforce and within the communities where the companies operate. Samsara notified individual winners last week and publicly announced all winners early this morning on its social media channels and website.

“On behalf of our entire team at Sprint Waste Services, we are honored to be named Safest Fleet and thank Samsara for this important recognition and validation of our hard work and commitment to best-in-class safety,” said Dave Nelson, Sprint Waste Services president. “As a commercial and industrial waste services provider, every aspect of our ability to serve customers begins and ends with our fleet, so our investment in vehicle and driver safety is foundational to our success. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our investment and our integration of dash-cam technology into our safety programs.” 

The Safest Fleet recognition demonstrates the lasting impact dash cams have had on Sprint Waste’s fleet safety, from a reduction in safety-related events, speeding and accidents to improved training, driver turnover and insurance premiums. In addition to Safest Fleet, Samsara’s annual Top Fleet awards are given in four other categories: Best Fleet for Drivers, Fleet Innovator, Excellence in Performance and Excellence in Public Fleet Management.

“We’re continuously inspired by the leadership our customers, like Sprint Waste, have shown this year, especially given the unprecedented challenges of the past six months,” said Samsara’s Executive Vice President of Products and Marketing Kiren Sekar. “This year’s Top Fleets winners set the standard for fleets and exemplify innovation on the road. We’re excited to partner even further as we develop new technologies to help fleets improve efficiency, boost their bottom line and keep their drivers safe.”

Nelson said Sprint Waste’s fleet includes 350-plus vehicles on the road each day, from trash haulers and vacuum trucks and trailers to roll-offs to all manner of heavy-duty commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, servicing customers from small construction and industrial companies to the world’s largest refineries and petrochemical plants. Every vehicle across Sprint Waste’s large service area from Baton Rouge to Corpus Christi is equipped with the latest safety technology to keep its drivers—and other drivers and passengers on the road—safe. 

Now, with Samsara dashboard-mounted video technology in every vehicle, Sprint Waste has the hard data to help with training drivers and mechanics, allowing teams to analyze and learn from actual events, reconstruct incidents, and showcase safe driving habits and accident prevention techniques.

“With buy-in at every level of our organization and a focus on positivity with our drivers and owner-operators, we were able to drive some impressive results right away,” Nelson said, “such as significantly reducing speeding incidents with driver alerts, reducing accident frequency and severity, and exonerating many drivers when incidents did occur.” 

Christopher Russ, director of special projects for Sprint Waste, oversaw the selection and implementation of the Samsara dash-cam technology throughout our fleet. With so many vehicles on the road moving even more equipment, it was a big job and one that required a technology partner for the long term.

“Our commitment to safety begins with a significant investment in best-in-class technology to track, monitor and evaluate our vehicles and our drivers,” Russ said. “We knew our dash cams would provide tremendously valuable real-time data, so it was critical that the cameras were easy to use and reports and data easily integrated into our safety culture, a culture that empowers every employee to consider safety an important aspect of his or her job.”

Having footage of an unsafe act or a close call that was avoided by defensive, proactive driving to show, speak to and learn from what occurred has made a huge impact on our drivers,” Russ added. “We now incorporate Samsara footage into our new-hire orientation, training videos, branch safety meetings, coaching sessions between managers and drivers, and even companywide weekly updates to all employees. The videos are as popular as they are productive, because seeing is believing.”

Both Russ and Nelson say Sprint won’t rest on its laurels with this award. “We’ve set new goals and safety parameters for our dash cam data in the coming months and years,” Nelson said. “As we become more familiar with this fleet management technology and how to better use the dash-cam data, we’re excited to realize new returns on this technology investment, and our partnership with Samsara.”