TCEQ: Texas Air Quality Vastly Improved

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reports that Texas ozone levels in 2014 were the best ever measured in much of the state. The findings come after strategic efforts over the last decade to improve the state’s notoriously poor ozone levels.

According to the TCEQ, it wasn’t long ago that Houston and Los Angeles routinely “dueled for the dubious honor of having the worst ozone in the country.” Now, based on the latest EPA figures, ozone levels in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth are well better than those measured in Los Angeles.

As an environmental services firm, Sprint Waste is deeply committed to clean air, taking part in air quality initiatives on several fronts.

In fact, each year since 2012 Sprint Waste has been designated a Clean Air Champion by the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Transportation and Air Quality in recognition of numerous proactive steps to improve air quality.

To that end the company adheres to clean-fleet policies for on-road vehicles and off-road equipment, promotes the use of lower-emitting construction equipment, promotes a no-idling policy across the company, and accelerates the turnover of heavy-duty equipment whenever possible.

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