We Support Keep Houston Beautiful

Sprint Waste Services and the Sprint family of companies are proud to support Keep Houston Beautiful, whose outstanding efforts to make and keep our city clean and beautiful have been making a difference for all Houstonians since 1979.

Through civic engagement, community collaboration and the work of thousands of volunteers, Keep Houston Beautiful (KHB) works to create, enhance and maintain the unique beauty and livability of Houston. KHB provides resources and education to inspire individuals and Houston communities toward greater environmental stewardship and is the city’s leading organization in litter reduction, beautification and recycling education.

The organization has a firm believer in our own co-founder Don Poarch, who serves as a KHB board member and commissioner and is himself a major donor, helping to underwrite a business development position to help raise operating funds and continue KBH’s important work. (Poarch has since sold his ownership in Sprint Waste Services.)

“Keep Houston Beautiful’s longevity speaks to its value, as does the fact that is has attracted national attention for its charitable efforts, becoming a 2015 Keep America Beautiful award winner,” Poarch says. “Our impressive volunteers and partners in both the public and private sectors have made significant inroads in keeping our city clean and green, thus allowing citizens to enjoy a more comfortable municipality and attracting businesses that help Houston to remain a leading and competitive force in the increasingly global economy.”

The 32nd Mayor’s Proud Partners Luncheon took place today at the Hilton Americas, where this year’s winners were honored from among 52 applicants. Sprint Waste was a Patron Table Sponsor.

KHB is a Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful affiliate, working in conjunction to educate and engage individuals, business and neighborhoods to take responsibility for improving their larger communities.

Read more about Keep Houston Beautiful here.