Is your school game?

At Sprint Waste Services, we like to work hard—and play hard—especially during football season. So as a waste services provider in football-loving Texas and Louisiana, it’s easy to get behind a program that promotes waste minimization on the gridiron.

The Game Day Recycling Challenge pits colleges and universities that opt in to the competition against other schools in their conference, the objective being to recycle more during home games thantheir opponents recycle at theirs.

Is your favorite team up for the challenge this year? You can check out the list of participating schools here. You will find each Power Five Conference well represented, along with other conferences and independents. Gulf Coast-area favorites include Texas A&M University, the University of Texas, Louisiana State University, the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Stephen F. Austin University.

Schools choose home game dates for the competition, and then students, alumni, concession vendors and fans compete in and around the stadium to recycle more waste than other schools in the conference. Reporting metrics include total weight recycled, diversion rates, greenhouse gas reductions, and pounds per person recycled and landfilled.

This year schools must submit the results by Dec. 7, and winners will be announced on Monday, Dec. 14. Can your team win on the field and at the recycling bin?

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