Container Washouts

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contanerwasoutsecondimage.pngFor businesses using containers to transport industrial and commercial waste, properly cleaning the equipment before returning to the rental agent or back into inventory can represent significant time lost and dollars wasted, especially if additional cleaning providers are involved. Reducing turnaround times and eliminating third-party vendors can save money, reduce risk, and help ensure all waste is managed and processed safely and according to proper compliance measures.

Sprint Waste Services’ tank washout facility, conveniently located in the heart of the Houston Ship Channel, is a reliable, one-stop solution for container washing. Our facility has the capacity to clean three units simultaneously, handling roll-off boxes, vacuum boxes and metal-lid containers. (Please note our washout service is not for tankers, trailers, frac tanks, ISO containers or railcar containers at this time.)

The convenient, turnkey cleaning solution benefits oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and wastewater treatment customers—any business that produces wastewater or sludge. All wastewater removed during the cleaning process goes to an approved wastewater treatment plant, while solids are hauled to approved landfills.

Key Features and Benefits

Our proven cleaning process includes complete documentation and tracking of all equipment and container condition and contents, providing the peace of mind facilities want and the benefits they need:

  • Accelerates turnaround time and minimizes downtime while saving on rental fees
  • Eliminates excess transfer and hauling costs imposed by third-party vendors 
  • Reduces risk and inefficiencies by eliminating need for multiple vendors
  • Promotes safety and compliance with a well-documented and audited process